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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

PGMC News 2015

March 9th, 2015
PGMC Newsletters for 2015
News0115.PDF Using the Shop Mica Mountain Emergency Beacons Lolo Pass Closed
News0215.PDF Tucson Rock Show Geology Talk Field Trip Preview Polyanna Part III
News0315.PDF 15th Annual Rock Show  Rockin’ Treasures with Sherry Bamberger  2015 Field Trips  Beyond the Rocks with Mike Latapie
News0415.PDF The 490  Keep Your Own Maps  2015 Field Trips  Early Trip to Saddle Mt.
News0515.PDF Flagstaff Barite  More Saddle Mt.  Properties of Tourmaline and Quartz  Map to McDermitt; Viking Chain
News0615.PDF A Nod to the Napoleon Mining Rock Crushers  Chips From the Outcrop  Kinross Plant tour
News0715.PDF The Keystone and Edna Club’s Rocks for Sale  White Stone Calcium  Fire Season Rockhounding
 August No Issue Printer broken
News0915.PDF Buckhorn Mine Annual Picnic  Horseshoe Mt  Comstock Mine
News1015.PDF Naches Thundereggs Great Lakes Corals  Rockhound Retreat  Marcus Ciderfest
News1115.PDF Motoring the Moab Agates by the Square Mile  Coyamito Agate  Hidden (UV) Treasures

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