Panorama Gem

Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington


October 8th, 2021


Our club is a gathering place for people that share a passion in rockhounding, mineral collecting, geology, fossil collecting, as well as lapidary and jewelry arts. Our members include a wide range of knowledgeable people with backgrounds in these areas as well as professionals and subject-matter experts in a wide variety of gem and mineral related topics.

Our meetings consist of a brief routine business discussion followed by a break for refreshments and socializing before an educational program covering some aspect of our hobby or a related topic. These meetings are a great place to share information and learn from those with extensive experience. The meetings often have a raffle with prizes donated by our members. A silent auction is also held during the refreshment break with the proceeds going to the club’s scholarship fund.

The gem and mineral club was founded in 1996 by two fellows in a barber shop in Kettle Falls. They put an ad in the paper to see if anyone else was interested and we’ve been having fun ever since. The club has field trips in the summer months and an annual rock show every year in March. This year (2022) it will be Friday and Saturday of the second weekend. We also have activities to raise money for scholarships. In the club’s twenty plus years we have given out about $60,000 dollars to students from Colville, Chewelah, and Kettle Falls High Schools.

A monthly newsletter, with highly informative articles as well as information about filed trips and events in our area, is provided to all members every month. This newsletter is also available on the clubs web site,, in a PDF format.

As members of the Panorama Gem and Mineral Club we enjoy these benefits

  • Getting to know the other friendly and accomplished club members
  • Subscription to our award-winning newsletter, The Panorama Prospector
  • Subscription to the Northwest Federation of Mineral Societies’ Northwest Newsletter
  • Subscription to the American Federation of Mineral Societies’ A.F.M.S. Newsletter
  • Access to the informative and entertaining monthly club programs
  • Participation in our numerous summer field trips
  • Expert identification of your collected specimens at the monthly meeting and rock show
  • Annual Christmas potluck and white elephant gift exchange
  • Annual Potluck Barbecue
  • Annual Rock Show
  • News of classes, rock shows, camp outs and field trips in the Northwest and the Nation
  • Participate in November yearly club Auction
  • Participate in monthly Silent Auction
  • Yearly Scholarship Fund to three area High School Graduates of $1,000 for college tuition

More Information call Johnie Pitman at 509-684-8887




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