Panorama Gem

Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

Scholarship Program

January 21st, 2024

Announcement for January 2024

PGMC will be expanding this year to our 2024 Annual Scholarship Program to include a 4th high school graduating senior student. Because of generosity support received in donations we will be able to afford additional $1,000.00 gift for continuing education to be used towards College or University expenses. We will be adding Northpoint High School to the list of the three (3) already on our program list: Colville, Kettle Falls, and Chewelah High School’s.

Continuation of this can only be achieved by donation received at our annual Rock & Mineral Show, from club members, public events that we participate having a display booth, annual club auction, and the community at large. There has been some talk about opening up to private schools, but overcoming the logistics on administration and handling is a problem us.

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