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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

PGMC Newsletters for 2022

January 27th, 2022


Newsletters for January 2022 Planning for March 11-12, 2022 Rock Show, Emma Mine, Action, CA look for Chrysocolla, Summary on November Meeting presentation about Biblical Rocks, last months Rock and Mineral identified as Sodalite, Washington State Geology News, and the Rock and Mineral of the Month.

Newsletters for February 2022 Article about “Gaspeite” written by Sheila Stratton, additional planning for Rock Show scheduled for March 11th & 12th, article about Livingtonite from New Mexico written by Johnie Pitman, and the Rock and Mineral identification from last month as Colemanite and new for this month.

Newsletters for March 2022 Article by Jim Retzer on Inclusions (Protogenetic, Syngenetic, Epigenetic) and Xenolith (Limestone, Sedimentary), and Identity of Rock or Mineral of the Month.

Newsletters for April 2022 Report of the Rock and Mineral Club Show, a Few Words from Our Treasurer, Field Trip to Wild Turkey Mine, and the Rock and Mineral of the Month, Fossil Woods of Eastern Washington with hyperlink.

Newsletters for May 2022 First article was written by Bob Bristow regarding Virginia City Treasurers where his brother had found a 3 inch Ruby, then we have Sheila Stratton listing 18 Fun Crystal Facts on “How Do Crystals Form?” and the identify the “Rock or Mineral” sections with last months Identity and this months mystery “Rock”. To end our Newsletter there is a list of upcoming events in our area to attend.

Newsletters for June 2022 we have an interesting article on how to Polish Rocks by Jim Retzer, one about the annual Field Trip to Wild Turkey Mine with some newly found variants of their Noble Serpentine and to then the section of “Identify the Rock or Mineral of the Month” containing this month and last listings.

Newsletters for July 2022 we have an Article written by Lynn Calvert about a side trip to mining town of Gabbs, Nevada, while heading to Arizona to get away for the “COLD WEATHER”! They ended up finding some Fossils. 2ndly Bob Bristow, gives us a map and facts about Petrified Wood Locations. Next Johnie Pitman gives use interesting facts abut how Obsidian forms. Lastly we have the Rock or Mineral Identification for the Month which was Montana Moss Agate.

Newsletters for August 2022 we start off with Sharon Borgford article about Fossils at Fossil, Oregon and where you can legally collect Fossils. Then we have a very interesting story about an occasional Geologist with fifty years of rock collecting in the N/E state of Washington by Peter Wyman. Field Trip to Metaline Falls for Trilobites turned out to be a great find for Johnie Pitman. Must see and read the find! Johnie also puts in a word with his Jabbers of things for club to consider. No Rock or Mineral Identification for this Month.

Newsletters for September 2022 starts off with Calispell Peak and whether you ever wondered about being able to drive up to the top with a vehicle or not by Bob Bristow. Once again with a personal story about finding Gemstones Lying Everywhere in Oregon by Lynne Calvert. We end up with Northeast Washington Fair article and photo of display for the club.

Newsletters for October 2022 we have one of our members Jim Peters writing an article with pictures about a recent trip to Montana looking for Black Agate rocks. Then we have Glynis Hull another member with an article about “The Parable of the Geode”. Next is about “Marcus Cider Fest 2022” by Jim Retzer and last we end off with Identify a “Rock or Mineral” with this month’s to attempt to ID.

Newsletters for November 2022 another great article written by Jim Peters about “Green Petrified Wood at Hampton Bluff” with a map to location and photos. Then we have some more of Johnie’s Jabbers about various things effecting the Club. We end of with the identification of last months “Rock or Mineral” which was Realgar and next months “Rock or Mineral”.

No Newsletters for December 2022 because we have our Annual Christmas Dinner Party and gift exchange. See you next year 2023 for more outstanding newsletters