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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

PGMC News 2014

January 16th, 2014
PGMC Newsletters for 2014
News0114.PDF Bats and Rocky Places Chips off the Outcrop Stone Crafter Needed Spheres  Come Round Again
News0214.PDF Field Trip without the Field Lake Kanim Wonderstone Gold Mine for Sale
News0314.PDF 14th Annual Rock Show Lake Kanim 1a Field Trips Tucson in Winter
News0414.PDF Fossil Freeway Lake Kanim 2 Lunar Eclipse Occupy Idaho Waters
News0514.PDF Finding Fishtail Selenite Phillips Ranch Chips off the Outcrop Rock Tumbling
News0614.PDF Germania Mania PEvans Quarry Chips off the Outcrop Cleaning Selenite
News0714.PDF Merikay Beryl Newberry Volcanic Monument Emerald Creek Garnets Teanaway Agate Trip
News0814.PDF White Calcium Plant Ringing Rocks Montana Agate Hunting Discovering Washington’s Historic Mines
News0914.PDF Talisman Mine Big Iron Mine Polyanna Mine Potato Patch Nugget
News1014.PDF Comet MT Big Sky Fossils Hoodoo Canyon New Shop
News1114.PDF Melrose Mine Museum of the Rockies Polyanna Mine Part II Inside the Shop


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