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PGMC Members Newsletters For 2024

January 21st, 2024

Newsletters for Members to Explore

The Panorama Prospector

January 2024 the first one of the coming year: Johnie’s Jabbers regarding 2024 Rock and Mineral Show dates and times, also workers list to fill. Identify the “Rock or Mineral” By Jim Retzer for last month and next month’s to determine. Article on the “Dolomite Problem” – Scientist resolve 200 year Geology Mystery a must read. Unakite: A multipart series begins to follow. Then the Jokestar Jim with another good one to get a good laugh from.

February 2024 newsletter we have Johnie Pitman jabbering about our upcoming Rock and Mineral Show. We once again have Jim Retzer with his Identify “Rock and Mineral” with last month first and then this month. Joe Barreca with a very interesting article regarding “UV Light”. See how the light reacts to different rocks or minerals when shined upon. Continuation of Unakite: A multipart series to read more about which ends our newsletter for this month

March 2024 Newsletter: we announce the winner of the Grand Prize giveaway from our Rock and Mineral Show this month. They were surprised to have won the Grand Prize! We got more of Johnie Jabber about a donated rock someone had. Identify the Rock and Mineral by Jim Retzer, with prior month before then new one for this month. Continuation of Unakite: A multipart series to read, before we show off pictures from our very successful Rock and Mineral Show this year.

April 2024 Newsletter starts of with April as National Volunteers Recognition Month by President Lynne Calvert, then a New Series on Tiger Eye. Next an interesting article by the Northwest University about “A Massive Ocean Three Times the Volume of Earths Surface Ocean Discovered 700 km below the Surface”. We have so hints on “What to do — and not do — if you are caught in an Earthquake!”. This month’s newsletter is finished off by an article about the “Mind-Blowing Experience” of witnessing the Eclipse firsthand by Roger and Lynne Calvert. If you missed it, you won’t be able to see it again until 2044!

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