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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

PGMC News 2017

April 30th, 2017
News0117.PDF Geology Snapshots I – Arden to Deer Park Larimar  Dinosaur Killer Asteroid  Localities that Used to Be
News0217.PDF Geology Snapshots II – Old Hwy 12 Mile Rd – Addy Finding Localities  Localities that Used to Be II  Paleontological Resources
News0317.PDF Geology Snapshots III – Addy Quartzite and Fossils Prospector Man Gears Up  Localities that Used to Be III
News0417.PDF Geology Snapshots IV – Magnesium & Faults Scholarships  Libby Creek Gold  Sulfate Rocks
News0517.PDF Geology Snapshots V – Chewelah Area Thunderegg Hunt  Martell’s Rock Shop   Broad Gauge Mine
News0617.PDF Geology Snapshots VI – Hwy 231 Junction to Loon Lake Scholarship Winners  Millenium Mine Nodosaursp   Upper Evans Quarry
News0717.PDF Geology Snapshots VII – Loon Lake Area Field Trip To Bamberger’s  Rex Barrans Passes  Demand for Opals
News0817.PDF Geology Snapshots VIII – Clayton Crinoids and Tube Coral  Glacier National Park  Work Day Works Out
News0917.PDF Geology Snapshots IX – Deer Park Basin Picnic Potluck  Ice Age Vocabulary  Montana Agate
News1017.PDF Geology Snapshots X – Deer Park Basin 2 Hawaiian Volcanoes I  Hoodoos  Meeting Room Rules
News117.PDF Geology Snapshots XI – Dragoon Creek to Wandermere Auction Lineup  Hawaiian Volcanoes II  Stolen Crystals