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January 9th, 2010

Here is a list of places that might be worth investigating.  Some would not make good club trips because of difficult access, but others might turn into regular spots:

  • The Talisman mine above Laurier – 4×4 road but said to have interesting stuff and an incredible view.
  • The volcanic pinnacles near Springdale – a geologic anomaly, also fossils near the limestone kilns in Springdale
  • Beryl Crystals – I don’t know of a place where the club has gone for these that is still open but would like to find one
  • Pegmatite Gems – there is a lot of slow-cooled granite up Ruby Creek and Winchester Creek – hike in exploration
  • The First Thought mine area is huge, should be something worth seeing there
  • The Napoleon Mine – I met a guy who knows it well.  Produced iron, may have nice pyrites
  • Garnets – Steve Fox is looking for a site and I have heard of others.
  • The Big Iron Mine – reportedly interesting magnetite and other stuff
  • The Melrose Mine north of Northport – reportedly huge opening, lead, pyrite, zinc


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