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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

PGMC Newsletters for 2023

January 30th, 2023


Newsletter for January 2023 contains the following information: Greetings from the newly elected President of PGMC Lynne Calvert, article of Garnets and Epidote by Lynne Calvert, upcoming events in the area, Identify the “Rock or Mineral” by Jim Retzer, article by Sharon Borgford called “This the Season for Snow Flakes”, and lastly from our Show Chairman Johnie Pitman regarding 2023 Rock Show.

Newsletter for February 2023 contains the following information: This month starts off about information pertaining to this years 2023 Rock Show details, then article about a Surprise Finding on a Stroll in the Sunshine by Lynne Calvert with pictures, Identify the “Rock or Mineral” by Jim Retzer, also Jim Retzer writes about his yearly visit down south “Some Rocks from Quartzite, AZ” with pictures and descriptions. He visits with previous members Mark and Debra Danieldson while exploring for rocks.

Newsletter for March 2023 contains the following information: Note from our Show Chairman Johnie Pitman regarding the Annual Show, Identify the “Rock or Mineral” by Jim Retzer, and article about “Yellowstone” by Glynis Hull listing the different those of Thermal Features.

Newsletter for April 2023 contains the following information: an article about “The 2023 Show Through the Jim Peters Lens” by Johnie Pitman with pictures, announcement about the Northwest Federation Rockhound Retreat schedule, “Let’s Go Rock Hounding” by Lynne Calvert, Identify the “Rock or Mineral” by Jim Retzer.

Newsletter for May 2023 contains information regarding a donation to the PGMC CLub that had belonged to a family member that had passed away and the collection of it, Field trip to Huckleberry Garnet dig in Idaho, an article about “This Trove of Fossils in Wales Is Revealing Secrets of Early Animal Life”, Glynis Hull continuing story about “My Yellowstone Discoveries”, Identify the “Rock or Mineral”
By Jim Retzer and Last month’s rock or mineral, then ending with a article about “Island Agates” by Glynis Hull.

Newsletter for June 2023 contains the following information: The announcement of the #3 High School Scholarship Students Winners for Colville High – Kami Rogers, Kettle Falls High – Isabella Olsen, and Jenkins High – Ella Joyce. Article on how to Clean Quartz Crystals Overnight by Bob Bristow, and Identify the “Rock or Mineral” from last month and this month “Rock or Mineral” to attempt to Identify by Jim Retzer.

Newsletter for July 2023 contains the following articles: Club workday and thank you written by President Lynne Calvert to members that helped on reorganizing our “Storage Trailer Organization”, then writing article about our donated rocks called “Rock Stockpile Organization”, Johnie Pitman article regarding “Livingstonite”, Glynis Hull article “My Continuing Saga (Love Affair) with Yellowstone: Tourons (Tourist Morons), Identify the “Rock or Mineral” from last month and this month by Jim Retzer and lastly what happened at “Wild Turkey Mine Field Trip”.

Newsletter for August 2023 contains the Notification to PGMC Club regarding “It’s August! It’s the PGMC Picnic!!”, an article by Lynne Calvert on a field trip called “Rock Hounding with the Bristows” to look for malachite and azurite crystals, an interesting article regarding Montana Technical University located
in Butte and on their campus is a gem and mineral museum named “Butte Montana’s Hidden Gem” By Glynis Hull, then ending this months with “Identify the “Rock or Mineral” By Jim Retzer and Last month’s rock or mineral.

Newsletter for September 2023 contains some pictures of our yearly August Picnic, then we have a Johnie Jabbers about some past members that have moved out of the area. We have a report from Glynis Hull regarding “The 2023 Northwest Federation Rockhound Retreat that she attended. Identify the Rock or Mineral by Jim Retzer – Last and this Months. We end off with a little humor in a joke about two men go prospecting for their first time.

Newsletter for October 2023 contains articles by Lynne regarding the clubs participation at the Marcus Cider Fest, a Field Trip to a Trilobites Digs, and the “Rock or Mineral” Identity from last and this months to identify. Lynne also wrote an article regarding “Little Finland” in the Gold Butte National Monument she traveled to.

Newsletter for November 2023 contains a notice from Johnie Pitman “To Bring Your Money regarding our November Auction Month”, Glynis Hull wrote about an update regarding Crystal Park in Montana that she visited, Jim Retzer identifies last months rock or mineral and shows another Rock or Mineral to identify. Glynis Hull writes about her long trip of 4,568 mile trip of Mountains, Amusement, and Miseries with some photos she took. Bob Bristow writes about Strange Spires that can be seen while traveling along the Columbia River while heading to Vancouver and his recommendation on the way to travel to the location.

Newsletter for December 2023 contains details of the Christmas Dinner for PGMC. Next is Johnie’s Jabber’s regarding “Dreamers Field Trip”, a note from Frank Stratton regarding PGMC Business and Dues. A wonderful article from Smithsonian Magazine called “Amazing Fossil Preserves Teenage Tyrannosaur’s Last Meal”.