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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

Newsletters 2020

January 20th, 2020

News202001.PDF New Officers, GEMS FROM SHEILA, Noble Serpentine, Minutes from Jan 2020 Executive Board, Parrot Wing Jasper, and Winter Shop Tips

News202002.PDF Minutes of the 1/21/20 Meeting, GEMS FROM SHEILA, Thumbnail and Micromounts, A Few Words from Our Show Chairman-Johnie, Our Gem and Mineral Show: March 12, 13, and 14, and Last month’s rock or mineral-Ulexite

News202003.PDF Minutes of the 2/18/2020 Meeting, GEMS FROM SHEILA, Rock Show and Rockhounding in Deming NM, Upcoming Events in Our Area, and Identify the “Rock or Mineral” – Last month’s rock or mineral: “Apache Tears” – Obsidian

News202004.PDF The 3/17/2020 Meeting was cancelled, GEMS FROM SHEILA, Big Diggins Claim and the Fluorite Mines and Rhyolite Area in Deming New Mexico, Our 2020 March Gem & Mineral Show was well attended (considering), CoronaVirus News, Field Trip Planning, and Identify the “Rock or Mineral” – Last month’s rock or mineral: Puddingstone is a conglomerate!

The 5/19/2020 Meeting was cancelled, no Prospector this month, either.

News202006.PDF The 6/16/2020 Meeting was cancelled, Equipment Auction for Club Members, Johnie’s Jabber for June; Last month’s rock or mineral: Fire Agate.

News202007.PDF The 7/21/2020 Meeting was cancelled, passing of Sherry Bamberger, Trim Saw Scraps, Club’s New Facebook Page; Last month’s rock or mineral: Psilomelane