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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

PGMC News 2013

January 11th, 2013
PGMC Newsletters for 2013
News0113.PDF Auction and Christmas Party Meteor from Mars Jade Mine Naneum Ridge
 News0213.PDF Colville Monument Works Massive Gold Nugget  One Day Field Trips  Rock Rollers Field Trips
 News0313.PDF  Rocks of Ages  Potential Extended Field trips  Future Rockhounds  A Jar-ing Ideas
  News0413.PDF  Rock Show  Holleywood Ranch  Kinross Gold Mine Tours  Polman Minerals
  News0513.PDF  The Germania  Rare Blue Diamond  Rock Trading Website  New Mine Exploration Book
  News0613.PDF  Blue Bird Mine  The Edna  Field Trip List  The Oxidized Zone
   News0713.PDF  Ribbon Jasper  Trilobite Trip  Geology Tours  Rock Types
 News0813.pdf  Arizona Adventure  Mica Mt etc.  Geology Tour Part 1  Oklahoma Request
 News0913.pdf  Annual Potluck  Sunstone Trip  Geology Tour Part 2  Fossil Day
 News1013.pdf  Thulite Dig  Succor Creek  Fossil Day
 News1113.pdf  The Big Iron Mine  Saws for Sale  Pink Tourmaline




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