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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

PGMC News 2012

January 21st, 2012
PGMC Newsletters for 2012
News0112.PDF Autumn Gold Washington Takes Lead on Rockhounding Legislation Wanted: Opal Mine Hosts Auction and Christmas Party
News0212.PDF Rockin Your Rocks How to Display them Rock Site Exploration Suggestions WSMC Field Trips, Legislation Update Rockshow Poster
News0312.PDF The Oceanview (AKA Pala Chief) Mine Bin There-Done That (on storing rocks) Bob Bristow on why you don’t want him to lead field trips Rock Tumbling Contest, Primitive Arrows, HB 2600
News0412.PDF The 2012 Rock Show Revisiting Evans Quarry Damage Report Forms AFMS Merit Badges
News0512.PDF Loon Lake Copper Legislative Update Blackjack Mine Exhibit Field Trips
News0612.PDF Trilobites Warped Wonders More About Crystal Park Kinross Gold Tours Crusin the Fossil Freeway
News0712.PDF Galena, Pyrite and Marble Johnie’s Jabber Field Trips Minutes
News0812.PDF Rendezvous 2012 Trilobite Dig Excessive Collecting Buckhorn Mt
News0912.PDF The Belcher Gold Panning Bench Tips Johnie’s Jabber
News1012.PDF Flagstaff Revisited 30th Annual Geology Tour Knap-In Johnie’s Jabber
News1112.PDF Back to the Barter Fair Serpentine Elections Johnie’s Jabber

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