Panorama Gem

Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

PGMC News 2008

December 27th, 2009

PGMC Newsletters for 2008
News0108.PDF Pride Rocks Mt Elizabeth Other Clubs Identifying Minerals
News0208.PDF Jim Creek Rock Show Preparations
News0308.PDF Saddle Mt
News0408.PDF Rock Candy Mine Lost River of Gold Rocks-In-A-Box Challenge
News0508.PDF Evans Campground Quarry The Big One that Got Away Adams Mt Field Trip Phillips Ranch Prospect
News0608.PDF 68th Annual NFMS Show The Sierra Mine How to Identify Rocks in the Field Trilobites near Metaline Falls
News0708.PDF Hot Rocks Solo Creek Quartz
News0808.PDF Horsehoe Mt Emerald Creek Garnets NE Wash Fair Gold Nugget Formation
News0908.PDF Jim Creek Pyrite Philips Ranch Selenite Ellensburg Agate Shop Rocks-In-A-Box Revisited
News1008.PDF Sunday Mine Gem Trails of Washington Capturing the Wild Dioptase Pondering the Pend Oreille

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