Panorama Gem

Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

PGMC News 2006

December 27th, 2009
PGMC Newsletters for 2006
News0106.PDF Jan-06 Dreamers Field Trip Christmas Party Placer Treasures Leadville Mine
News0206.PDF Feb-06 George Diamantis Ryolite Adventures
News0306.PDF Mar-06 The Ultimate Collection Clean Quartz Overnight
News0406.PDF Apr-06 From Slabs to Cabs Mission to the Magma Annual Rock show Geologic Map
News0506.PDF May-06 Do It Yourself Lapidary Equipment Leaching Gold Ore The Neglected Mine
News0606.PDF Jun-06 Northwest Underground Blues on Grouse Creek Rd (Copper Ore)
News0706.PDF Jul-06 Good Luck and Trouble Fluorescent Museum Horseshoe Mt Crystals
News0806.PDF Aug-06 Rex’s Rambles Part I Frisco Standard Rd
News0906.PDF Sep-06 Madras Oregon Mineral Mysteries Part I Rex’s Rambles Part II
News1006.PDF Oct-06 Trilobites! Rexes Rambles Part III Mysteries Part II
News1106.PDF Nov-06 Giant Calcite Crystals Rock Gypsy The Hubbard Mine




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