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December 29th, 2009

(We are going to start fresh here for 2010 – but there is no better place to see what we are up to than this State of the Club address by President Johnie Pitman for 2009)

State of the Club Address
By Johnie Pitman

A review of some outstanding achievements by the club in 2009. Our annual show was very successful thanks to the efforts of Bill Allen for his leadership and all the hard work done by everyone. An outstanding addition to the show was the fluorescent booth, it was enjoyed by young and old alike, thanks to Bill again for constructing it and Rita Cordery for explaining it to everyone.
In 2009 we also were able to give three $500 scholarships, one each to Chewelah, Colville, and Kettle Falls high schools. This was a great accomplishment and will help three young people along their way to a higher education, thanks to everyone for supporting this program.
This year the club was also able to purchase some lapidary equipment and get it set up for club members to use. Thanks to Mike Latipi for letting us use his garage to get started and for making necessary adjustment to some of the equipment so that it is more user friendly. The equipment has now been moved to Scott Jackson’s garage and is set up and ready for you to use, his address is 1028 Old Highway-12 Mile Road, Colville.
The club also went on somewhere around thirteen or fourteen field trips which were a lot of fun and hopefully everyone found rocks to take home. Thanks to Rex Barrans for planning and leading most of the field trips, and to Scott Jackson, Steve Fox and Joe Barreca for stepping up and leading the trips when Rex wasn’t available.
The November “Rock Auction” was fun, thanks for the donations and purchases they are appreciated. And last but not least the Christmas Party was GREAT. The food was wonderful, the gift exchange fun, and thanks for sharing stories, lyrics, poems, and writings.
Well, enough for 2009, in 2010 we are looking for another good year. Our rock show is scheduled for March 26 and 27, the next planning meeting will be at 6:00 pm before our meeting on January 19, 2010, you are welcome to come and help. Bill Allen is the show chairman again this year and he has already been at work making arrangements. We are looking forward to more good field trips this year and need a few new places to visit this year. If you know of some sites that the club could go let Rex Barrans or Steve Fox know so that it can be checked out and put on the list. We will try to work in some workshops on some of the lapidary skills this year, like wire wrapping and cab making as a start. Lets work together and have a lot of fun doing it in 2010.


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