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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

Gladstone Access

August 13th, 2010
Hello to you all .
My neighbor and I checked out the road and conditions of the mines on Gladstone Mountain last week  . We found the first five miles of the road to be freshly graded and in excellent  condition,but the rest of the road to the mines  is in bad shape , and though it may be possible for a good driver to get there in a two wheel drive vehicle it is definitely the place where four wheel drive is called for . The road splits at the five mile point and about 1 mile to the south west is the Lead King mine , where we will find Galena , and Crystals of Dolomite .About  three miles on the upper branch of the road is the Electric Point mine and other mines where Galena , Aragonite , and other minerals may be found .
We have many small trees to get over and around , small washes to straddle and rocky points to get over and we will average about five miles an hour or less for the last three miles . If you are careful driver you can probably make it with hardly a scratch.
There was a forest  fire along part of the road in and it was very heavily logged , but that does not extend as far as the mines .
As noted in our Schedule we will meet at Safeway  Parking lot Aug.22 at 9 AM .