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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

All clear for the Edna

June 21st, 2010

A note from Rex:

This is a reminder of the trip to the Edna and Keystone Mines – I have not checked out the road this year but last year it was in good condition and I will have loppers and a saw along just in case .
We will meet at Safeway parking in Chewelah at 9 AM Sunday June 27th.
More on the 2010 field trip page.

Daybreak Mine

June 16th, 2010
Hello Rock hounds:
This is a reminder of the trip to the Daybreak mine for Autinite on Sunday 20th of June .
I checked the road out and recommend 4 wheel drive only. We will meet at Levi’s Mini Mart in Deer Park for our permits at 9 AM. The permit requires your license number, signature, and $10 per car .
You can probably use a small garden trowel or scratcher to look for crystals in the loose soil and maybe a point and hammer to break
Rock and maybe a  small plastic bag to put your finds in . The gate to the mine is locked so we may have to walk in , about 1/4 mile so you will  want to travel as light as possible. We will have a Black light and hood there for you to check your finds.

Good Hunting , Rex

Crystal Prospects

June 5th, 2010

(Here is an email from Rex Barrans, <>, about the Crystal Prospect Dig scheduled for June 13th.  If you intend to go, email him first so they will expect you.  Also remember that this trip needs a permit available from Levi’s mini-mart in Deer Park-(license number,signature, $10 per car))

I was up to the dig  location to check on the road  Tuesday ; the road is good  but the dig  area has been logged and Is a waste land . We will have to explore and start new digs as the old ones have been filled with dirt and brush . That may be an advantage as the old digs were not very productive any more, and now  with almost all the trees gone it may make finding a good spot easier .

The Allen road is up the springdale/Hunters road but that is a terribly bad road and there is a better one that we will take. If it is more convenient for you we can meet you in Valley or Springdale rather than Chewelah ,but be sure to let me know where so we don’t miss you  .
I am going to forward this to my list of rockhounds  so they will know  what to expect