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Rock Hounding in Northeast Washington

Petrified Wood May 2nd

April 29th, 2010
Hello rock hounds ;
This is to remind you of our field trip to Saddle Mt. On Sunday May 2 .
We will meet at the Safeway Parking lot in Chewelah at 7AM  , Do not be late as we will  stop at the STAPLES parking lot on N. DIVISION and FOOTHILLS DRIVE at 8 AM to join up with those who will find it more convenient to meet us there .
Please share rides and fuel costs and if you can not maintain freeway speeds please ride with some one who can .
The road up the mountain is reported to  be in good condition but all cars should have reasonable clearance . For those of you not familiar with  this area ; a short handle shovel ,your rock  hammer , small  pick , mid size hammer , chisel ,5 gal. Bucket , lots of drinking water , and lunch .
This will be a long day and a tiring drive and we want it to be as comfortable as possible so
Please do not bring long handled shovels or large bars unless you will be driving a pickup , vans and cars will be loaded  .
My van is already fully loaded,andGreg will be driving it as I am restricted due to health issues .
I just was made  aware that loose tools and rocks in a passenger compartment is a NO –NO
All materials should be  secured in a trunk or if in a passenger compartment should be secure in a cargo net , or better yet carried in a pickup .
Jerry Novack has offered to take his pickup and carry  tools and rock –if we help with fuel cost ?
( my offer ) !
See you there —- Rex

Date Change on Stonerose

April 7th, 2010

Due to scheduling conflicts, the club trip to the Stonerose Fossil site has been moved from Saturday April 10th to Sunday April 11th.    We still meet at Harvest Foods in Kettle Falls, 8:30 in the morning.  Bring hard rock tools, we will need to fracture layers of rock and separate them with chisels in order to find fossils.  There is a limit of 3 good fossil specimens per person and the club will collect enough money to cover the $30 group cost.  We should be at Stonerose about 9:30 and expect to leave about 2 PM.  So bring water and a lunch.  Be prepared for highly variable weather.


April 1st, 2010
Here are places that you can get permits to go on Inland Paper Property to look for rocks.  The rock club is planning trips to the DayBreak Mine for Autenite on June 20th and to the Crystal Prospect on June 13th.  Permits are $10/car.   If you intend to go, you should get permits before then.
Rathdrum –Hico/Exxon store
SpiritLake –Millers Food City
Hauser Lake –Hauser Market and Smoke Shop
Coeur d’ Alene –Wholesale Sports
Deer Park — Levi’s Mini-Mart
Northport –Rivers Edge 1 Stop
If  it  is more convenient for any of you , just meet us along  the way . Just be sure we know where you will be .
(An email passed on from Rex Barrans, field trip coordinator)